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Book boats for Fingask and Whiteloch.

 Boats can be booked in advance by members using an online booking system, rather than by telephone booking. This is expected to become the normal method of boat booking for members. It will show the instantaneous availability of boats, allowing anglers to book and cancel boats.

Telephone bookings for members will still be accepted for an interim period on 07485445762, but will not necessarily be accepted as quickly as an online booking. (Online system will be available 24 hours daily, telephone booking only from 0900 - 1800hrs daily).

Members without email capability should either continue using the telephone system, or enlist help from other members to use the online system.

If you represent a fishing club wishing to use Fingask Loch as a competition venue, please book by telephone on 07485445762.


Boat booking

1. Select loch you want to fish - either Fingask Loch  or  Whiteloch here for day sessions (all season) and evening sessions (27th May - 31st August 2024).

2. If a new user, create user details - "Create new user account"  - with email address, password, name, mobile no. and valid BRDAA membership number or season ticket number.

3. Once registered, sign in with your user details and follow instructions on the subsequent page. The single user profile will allow bookings to be made on either loch, as required.

Please call  07485445762 to book a session which has already begun!











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