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 Notice to Members


Fingask and Whiteloch Opening Arrangements - March/April 2024

 Whiteloch and Fingask lochs will reopen for trout and pike fishing (max. two rods per angler for pike on Fingask) on the 15th March 2024, with the following temporary restrictions to the  booking process.

 Due to expected limitations on boat availability on Fingask Loch, online booking will not be possible for either loch until Saturday 30th March 2024.

 From 13th March until 30th March, bookings from members for Whiteloch or Fingask will only be accepted on the Ghilliephone (07485445762 09.00-18.00) a minimum of 1 day in advance, and will be limited by boat availability.

 From 30th March 2024, member bookings will again be made possible for either loch, using the online Supersass system.

(The Ghilliephone number will still be operational after 1st April, but will not be able to match the online system for 24/7 boat availability)

                Peter Lock

             Loch Convenor





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