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Facebook Comments re Fingask Pike Fishing

In response to recent comments on Facebook (Dec 2023), please note the following;

1.  We are very fortunate to have such good relations with our riparian owners and should where possible respect agreed terms or we risk the loss of access to the fishing we enjoy.

2.  Approximately 30 years ago there being no recognised or legal season for rainbow trout, members requested that permission to extend the season should be sought. Initially the season was extended to the end of October but later was extended to 24th December for trout and pike anglers as it currently remains by the kindness and cooperation of the then land owner Gilbert (Gibb) Petrie. It was also stated that the season start was to remain March 15th. The new owner wishes for access to the loch to remain the same. March 15th to December 24th, weather permitting. This is approx 9.5 months during which both pike and trout anglers have access to Fingask.

3.  The loch is unavailable now (30/12/23) because it closes on 24th December, as it has for years.

4.  It is not closed because of flooding, it was information to members that “the lochs are flooded again”.

5.  We cannot lose earnings from Jan and Feb, we have NEVER had any earnings from those months because it has always been closed.

6.  We continue to open during November & December at reduced rates to encourage the use of the loch for members and guests and this also gives access to pike anglers at a more favourable time of the year at low cost. Over the past 3 yrs the average attendance has been Novembers 18 pike anglers and Decembers 4 pike anglers, not exactly a high level of demand.

7.   In reply to recent rumour  / question; There will be no pike syndicate having exclusive access to Fingask. Pike fishing will remain available to all members & guests.


Wishing you all a good New Year when it comes and as ever looking for volunteers for work parties in the new season to benefit the association.




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