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Notice to Members

Proposed River Ericht Bank Work 2022    (14/03/22)

Following a walk and assessment on Sunday 6th March 2022 by (Grant Kellie & Gavin Robertson BRDAA) and Andrew Lees (West Grange Fishing & Co-opted BRDAA committee member) the following is proposed.

A. 2 Litter pick days on Blairgowrie Bank (Right) and Rattray Bank (Left)

    Litter pick to consist of 1 general day assigning various start and finish points to volunteers in order to cover the entirety of the left and right banks in conjunction with West Grange Fishings.

    The 2nd Litter pick day to focus on the area immediately downstream of the dump.  Again this will be carried out in conjunction with assistance from West Grange Fishings.

    Volunteers will be provided with necessary PPE on request.

B. 2 Project days clearing paths and opening access to new areas.

Following discussion it is suggested we concentrate our combined efforts this first year on the pool immediately below the sewage plant on the Blairgowrie Bank. This will open up and make accessible approximately 300 yds of fishable holding pool which will need to be named. The works will consist of some chainsaw work (experienced operators only) and general clearing in order to create a clear pathway down the entirety of the right bank with burning of branches and some logging work required.  This work should take approximately 2 days to complete. Grant Kellie will contact            Mr. Nicholson to gain permission before work commences and Andrew Lees to gain permissions as required on left bank. West Grange Fishings volunteers will assist with work to clear overhangs on the Rattray Bank (left bank) and also assist in all other work.

 It is proposed also that in future years a stretch of bank will be nominated for improvement to further improve access to the river.

 The following dates are proposed for working parties.

Sunday 27 March Bank Clearance

Sunday 3 April Bank Clearance

Sunday 10 April Litter Pick

Sunday 24 April Litter Pick

Volunteers are requested to contact river convenor Grant Kellie on 07411646192 or to visit Kate Flemings tackle shop or phone on  01250873990 and leave name, message and contact details as required.

Andrew Lees,

Grant Kellie,

Gavin Robertson





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